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6 easy ways to buy bitcoin

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Ideas On How To Buy Bitcoin

PLEASE NOTE: Due to volatility in crypto currency markets, we have now shortened the payment window to 4 days for all Bitcoin and Litecoin orders. If you place an order the find out that you cannot pay it in 92 hours or less, then please start over with a new order once your payment is ready to send. Thank you.

Where To Buy Bitcoin

NOTE: We have been hearing of people having difficulties with Coinbase. We will still accept Bitcoin from Coinbase, but we suggest switching to another company if you are having problems with them. Here are some options for buying bitcoin:

 1 Abra –  Fastest and easiest platform to buy bitcoin online with credit card or Applepay and pay directly into our wallet. You can purchase the exact amount of bitcoin for your order and it will be sent directly into our wallet. Request wallet upon purchase. Here is a tutorial  .https://youtu.be/mA3mlPpypx8

2 cashapp – Cashapp seems to be the new go-to favourite of our customers, you can easily buy bitcoin with a credit card right on your phone. Look in the IOS store or google play store for cashapp. There are lots of Youtube tutorials to walk you through the process. Here’s a good one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qLwQPvxNVnU

3 Cex.io – Cex is another good option for buying bitcoin with a credit card. We’ve heard great things about cex.io. They have a detailed verification process, but once you have bought from them once it is smooth sailing for future orders. Here is a tutorial on using cex.io

4 Coinmama – Coinmama has lowered their fees quite a bit and has become a good place to purchase bitcoin with a credit card. Note that you can purchase the specific amount of bitcoin for your order using the slider on their main page. If you purchase the exact amount you can put the wallet address we give you directly into the buy form and we will get paid directly so you don’t need to mess with an intermediary wallet. Here is a tutorial on using coinmama

Bitcoin ATM – You might live near a Bitcoin ATM . Click maps for US locations.

LibertyX – Buy bitcoin easily with cash. Just put in your zip code and find out if there is a location near you.

Paxful – There are tons of ways to buy bitcoins on paxful. You can even trade-in unused gift cards. One of the easiest sites but rates can be pricey. There is a good tutorial on their site.

Local bitcoins – Again plenty of ways to buy bitcoin. You can even meet someone local and buy with cash.

There are plenty of other ways to buy bitcoins. If you get really stuck let us know.


When you get bitcoin if you are not sending directly to us you will need to have a bitcoin wallet. You can always save any left overs for future purchases.

Here are our wallet suggestions:

For a mobile phone we recommend Blockchain and Mycelium

For your computer we recommend Electrum

For an online wallet we recommend Greenaddress

All these will work fine but make sure you have a GOOD password and that you REMEMBER it. You can loose all your bitcoin if you forget your password.